1898 The Post in Ghent will show you that a post office can be trendy, welcoming and breathtaking!

1898 The Post in Ghent will show you that a post office can be trendy, welcoming and breathtaking!

There is something very charmingly special about Belgium which was, for a long time, hard for me to explain… until I entered hotel 1898 The Post in Ghent.

The minute I set foot in this palazzino, I understood what causes me to love this country so much, and this thanks to talented interior designer Geraldine Dohogne, who made an impressive job by mixing modernity, trendiness and Belgian savoir-faire in a building which was built in 1898 for the 1913 World Exhibition by architect Louis Cloquet in collaboration with Stéphane Mortier.

The staircase is paradise for the eyes as every detail was carefully designed and leads to chaotic organized harmony, which will almost make you forget you actually entered the place for the hotel and not (only) for its stairs.

Have no fear, I promise you won’t be disappointed when you will penetrate the premises, as it is one of the most beautiful modernized lobbies I visited; it was able to catch Belgium’s true soul without compromising on its authenticity or on any elements or forms.

Its class, dashing style, elegance and, sophistication will leave you speechless, but you will nevertheless quickly realize that all this will be magically put within your reach and offered to you with world’s biggest and reassuring smile.

The place reminded me of the feeling I always have when staying at my parents’ house: that’s it, I’m home, where my heart belongs and where I feel safe and sound, away from a society which never stops to take its time to enjoy life and admire the surrounding beauty.

Through this spot, you get the chance to dive into real Belgian design which might even turn you into a fan of its cold, grey and rainy weather thanks to its warm, welcoming colors and fireplace.

I visited the hotel with a friend who did not want to leave this gem because she was experiencing an unforgettable peaceful moment, breathing in and out at the rhythm of the raindrops that were ticking on the stunning windows.

1898 The Post will make you understand Belgians, their mentality and their original love for their nation; it will open your eyes on the fact that in order to pierce their unique and great state of mind, you will have to make some kind of effort to discover their overwhelmingly discreet charm and grace. And isn’t this game of seduction more attractive, exciting and unexpected?

Trust me, this surprising and fashionable jewel is an absolute must!

Graslei 16, 9000 Ghent, Belgium
+32 9 391 53 79
Click here to visit 1898 The Post’s website




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    Le charme discret de la Belgique.

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