The beauty of a son living in his father’s street…

The beauty of a son living in his father’s street…

If you want to know how it felt to live in the late Twenties and Thirties in Parisian who’s who, you should definitively stop by the Prince de Galles Hotel.

The Prince of hotels in Paris is proudly standing next to its royal father , the Hotel George V, and you can certainly feel the difference between the two, even though they are both breathtaking and touching in their own fashionable and personal way!

The George V represents the classical, permanent and stunning appeal of wisdom which is achieved with time, as the Prince offers the refreshing charm of awakening and daring youth.

The gem is set not only to please you but to feed its unconditional hunger and passion for Art Deco!

I was once told by a designer friend that people tend to put the least of their efforts in the beauty of the ceilings of their homes as they are convinced that no one usually pays much attention to them. Well, let me tell you that while discovering the Prince I understood this was such a wrong way of thinking!

I was constantly and literally walking with my head facing paradise as incredible Art Deco chandeliers were broadly smiling towards me, in complete serenity, brightness and peace with the surrounding magnificent and colorful paintings.

These masterpieces underlined the importance of captivating ceilings in a hotel’s to-do-list but that is not all: it also emphasized that all details matter in palaces and that nothing should be left to chance!

I now understand why the salon where I was sipping my lovely tea was given the name Les Heures. Because I would have loved to stay there for hours and hours and observe what was going on around me. Sitting there stressed what I already knew: that to get to know a city and its actors one should always visit its hotels.

I absolutely fell in love with this palazzo which clearly underlines that Art Deco remains an unquestionable modernity in our fast pacing times and that celebrating its elegance, grace, glamour and glory, as is done by the Prince de Galles Hotel, is an absolute must!

Address: 33, Avenue George V, 75008 Paris, France
Tel.: +33 1 53 23 77 77
Click here to visit the Prince de Galles’ website

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  1. Pami Reply

    Tu nous as ouvert les yeux sur ce bijou art déco.
    Tea in the lobby est au programme lors de notre prochain séjour à Paris.

  2. sab Reply

    Amazing place!just love it.will definetly come and visit

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