Cookies and Cream make perfect in hôtel Le Bristol!

Cookies and Cream make perfect in hôtel Le Bristol!

Every aspect is meticulously thought of to satisfy the client in most of the hotels I visited in Paris but Le Bristol goes further than that.

Built in the Roaring Twenties, you can still feel its indelible print all over the place and imagine Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald entering the palace while sipping a glass of expensive champagne.

Le Bristol is very particular; not only for its undeniable beauty but also for the « Je ne sais quoi » which makes this hotel touching and unforgettable.

It creates an intimate atmosphere in the details you least expect which might move you to tears. I ordered a tea in this posh place which was, as usual, accompanied by cookies. But not just any cookies as they were the same my grand-mother, whom I adored, used to bake when I was just a girl.

The waitress saw that something had touched my heart and asked whether everything was all right. I told her whom the taste of the cookies reminded me of so she came back and offered me 10 additional biscuits to extend my tasty trip down memory lane.

If you are sensible to a homey feeling in a true dream palazzo where even your bags are offered a chair to rest on, this will certainly make you the happiest person in Paris!

This charming fairy tale is a must!

Address: 112, Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008 Paris, France
Tel.: +33 1 53 43 43 00
Click here to visit Hotel Le Bristol’s website

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6 Responses

  1. Anonyme Reply

    I add this hotel to my “must-see” list for my next visit to Paris. I have never been inside.
    Great blog Noëmie ! Keep on with these fantastic articles and photos!

  2. Jeroen Reply

    I honestly don’t have a clue when I’m going to Paris again, but when I do, I want to visit it!
    It looks lovely ^_^

  3. benjamin davidovici Reply

    its so nice to see that with just one small drink we can enjoy beautiful places in the world!
    your pictures ar real art
    I hope the place will look as beautiful as your pictures

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