The Dylan in Amsterdam, the inventor of true hotel style and class!

The Dylan in Amsterdam, the inventor of true hotel style and class!

I am convinced that whenever sophisticated and classy hotels are constructed, their architects must have The Dylan in Amsterdam in mind!





were my first reactions when I entered its discreet but oh so trendy lobby. I felt that if I had to design my own private living room, this would surely be it; the comfortable sofa, the fireplace with its shining and sparkling fire stars, and the stunning wallpaper, all added to the intensity of the moment.

It was as if I penetrated a time machine which brought me to Noëmie in Wonderland, where everything seemed to fall into place and that no matter what my wishes were, they would all come true in a fashionable and original way.

I sensed I was setting foot in the amazingly calming atmosphere of a perfectly composed painting, where everything seemed to stand where it was supposed to.

The photos that I took there, are the dream of every photographer since they transport people to a different dimension, history, and era! My friend, who accompanied me and became the model of some of my pictures, seemed to slowly but surely turn into a lobby princess. A beautiful ballroom dress was the only missing attribute to the scenery’s perfection.

I feel that the power of this breathtaking gem is that its beauty, glamor, and allure are timeless and could fit any scenario, circumstance, and still lead to complete tranquility and peace of mind.

The adjacent bar and restaurant were designed by Studio Linse, which successfully achieved the impressive task of creating an ambiance from another century by using modern design patterns and furniture. It succeeded in its mission because when looking closer you will notice that original aspects of the building, such as its authentic pillars and brick floors, were carefully used as the basis for the whole masterpiece.

I think that Coco Chanel’s quote perfectly suits what might be the magic motto of this jewel: Fashion changes, but style endures, turning this zen island in the center of Amsterdam into an absolute must!

Address: Keizersgracht 384, 1016 GB Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 20 530 20 10
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  1. Pami Reply

    Tu nous invites à découvrir réellement ce joyau.

  2. Lobbyprincess Reply

    Love from the lobby princess. Next time I’ll bring my ball gown.

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