Find the lost banana in ‘t Sandt Hotel in Antwerp!

Find the lost banana in ‘t Sandt Hotel in Antwerp!

Have you ever stayed in a hotel in Antwerp which used to be a banana warehouse in the 17th century?

Well, believe it or not, it exists and if you look closely you might find clues on how they were taken care of.

It is still possible to admire the narrow staircases that were used and which are now leading to the first floor of the duplex rooms.

The various beams of the building have not been removed which underlines the authenticity of the place.

‘t Sandt has another advantage: its business manager, who is the true treasure of this hotel.

Speaking to her made me understand how thrilling and fulfilling the organization of a hotel can be, that owning a hotel is much more than offer a nice room to a client.

It is making sure that everything is taken care of and that everyone is satisfied and will return to the hotel as a customer or continue working as a staff member.

Every detail is of utmost importance and should not be overseen: a breakfast table is as valuable as the comfort of pillows, the view is as significant as the reflection of furniture in the mirror across the room.

In short, that details make the world go round!

This delicately and strongly built pillar in the center of Antwerp is a must!

Address: Zand 17, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium
Tel.: +32 3 232 93 90
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