The Firean Hotel in Antwerp – Art Deco in a stunning jewel box!

The Firean Hotel in Antwerp – Art Deco in a stunning jewel box!

Once upon a time there used to be a beautiful little house in a beautiful little city called Antwerp.

This is the feeling you get when visiting the Firean Hotel in Antwerp: you have a sensation that you are entering a fairy tale as everything is so wildly stunning, excitingly beautiful but peaceful at the same time in this family-run business.

Art Deco is the leading architectural style and design of this mansion which was built in 1929, generally known as the Great Depression but here as the Great Construction.

Everything that meets the eye is an original masterwork that was carefully purchased in specialized shops and auctions.

Every piece of furniture has its own natural place which seems to have been created for that sole purpose.

The corners of each room have been decorated with elegant floor lamps which immediately attract the guests’ attention and invite them to take a seat on the lobby’s comfortable sofas, which are undeniably inviting and calling out for intimate conversations and moments.

Unforgettable moments which guests will carry in their hearts forever and ever and smile when remembering them.

I can totally imagine film star Louise Brooks sitting in this gem while enjoying the admiring looks of one of her suitors… Maybe you?

This Art Deco mirror to the world is a must!

Address: Karel Oomsstraat 6, 2018 Antwerp, Belgium
Tel.: +32 3 237 02 60
Click here to visit Hotel Firean’s website 


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  1. Rina Reply

    Stunning pictures, beautifully said

  2. Jean Reply

    Apparently a lot of stars are going to This hotel ( as I heard) and not to the bog hotel chains. They prefer the quitness of This small Amazing hotel

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