What goes around… comes around…

What goes around… comes around…

Contrary to Justin Timberlake’s song What goes around… comes around, what I am about to tell you is a fun story with a happy ending, which happened a few weeks ago when I was staying at one of the most impressive palaces around the globe.

As you all know, I am a big fan of hotels since they reflect important aspects of a city such as its history, architecture, philosophy and taste. The hotel I am writing about contains all these features which quickly turned me into its number one fan.

Indeed, this diamond is one of the city’s oldest palaces and has welcomed world-renowned personalities who have kept amazing souvenirs of their stay. Some of them even mentioned the place in their correspondence and/or memoirs.

I always promised myself I would stay one day in this dream palazzo which I visited thoroughly with my friends some years ago. So, you can easily picture how happy I felt when I entered this fantasy of mine, but can you imagine my reaction when I was told my room was upgraded and that I was getting a private tour of the premises with the person in charge of the hotel PR relations?

We were shown around the place and just like the previous time, I completely lost my heart to every corner of every room of every hall of this masterpiece as every spot was impatiently waiting to share its fabulous story with me.

Ah, if the breathtaking furniture of these premises could talk, it would have told me some amusing anecdotes and stories which would have put a smile on my readers’ faces. It would have shared the guests’ special needs, funny jokes and diverse opinions on the exciting period they were living in, leading to unseen documentation archives of their era.

I did not get all the above-mentioned information, but I was able to feel the amazing atmosphere that must have prevailed during these historical and world-changing times, as the photos I took reflect some unspoken truths and adventures.

Wandering and wondering around the corridors and staircases made me feel at times like an explorer looking for a long-lost secretly-hidden treasure and, at times like a princess who lost her shoe and was now waiting for it to be recovered by her prince on a white horse.

I woke up in a comfortable bed and realized that it was time to get up and leave this cozy dream where I spent hours of great fun. Little did I know what was bound to happen. You know, the why and how of this story.

As soon as I saw the face of the reception manager I knew I had met him before as I had taken a photo of him… Four years ago! He was the sweet and caring bellboy who took us for an unforgettable tour in this historical monument!

My friend looked at him and remembered what I had done years ago: after returning from the tour I immediately sent an Email and attached his picture to make sure the management would not mistake him for another staff member.

This is what I wrote:

Dear Madam,
I just wanted to thank you and your staff, especially the person which you will find on the enclosed picture, for getting me closer to my dream. Like Alice in Wonderland, I got the chance, thanks to your very patient and charming staff member, to wonder and wander around in what would very quickly become one of the most impressive hotels I have ever seen. Today, I promise myself I will come back and sleep in one of the jewels which are so carefully taken care of. It’s strue what they say: “Dreams make the world go round”. I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me taste the charm of adulthood and childhood of the past. A past which led to the most beautiful but also the most influential moments of history.

The reception manager looked at me and said while smiling: Well, this Email changed my life as I was promoted a few days later. I never forgot your gesture and name and when I saw you booked a room in our hotel, I decided to treat you as you deserved: as a queen! I hope everything was to your liking. 

If everything was to my liking? Of course, it was! I was completely flabbergasted and could barely talk (which rarely happens to me) as I realized the impact a few nice and meant words could have on someone’s life.

More than ever did I understand that it is so important to never take anything for granted and that sometimes little gestures can lead to big changes. I had no expectations when I sent this Email to the management. I just wanted them to know that there was a true gem that was shyly but brightly shining among them.

And I am happy for him that he is nowadays shining like the inspiring heritage of the palace he is working for!

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  1. suzy Reply

    When words are true and kind, they can change the world!!
    thanks Noemiei

  2. Pami Reply

    La magie de l’endroit contribue à la crédibilité du conte de fée.

  3. Tal Reply

    Enchanting, love the story!

  4. Esther B. Reply

    This is such a moving story about gratitude making the world better! Shows how your beautiful, sensitive way of writing can literally change people’s life. Amazing!

  5. Jeroen Reply

    Kind words from an honest heart go a very long way 😀
    Loved the story!

  6. Alisa Reply

    Love this story!❤️🌹

  7. henriette Reply

    It doesn’t take long time to write an e-mail that for someone else can mean a lot.
    good for you and how wonderful for the person you helped.
    keep enjoying yourself as well.

  8. Rina Reply

    Wow , you are amazing! Such a great example of how feedback is so important in our lives. I was expecting that bellboy will be the prince with white horse for the happy end 🙂 but still it is a happy end for both sides. Beautiful sharing

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