Happy 1 and ½ birthday, Lobby and Tea!

Happy 1 and ½ birthday, Lobby and Tea!

This week, Lobby and Tea is celebrating its one-and-a-half birthday and it’s true what they say: time flies when you’re having fun!

I’m quite amazed whenever I think about my Lobby and Tea adventure as I remember how it all started, what was accomplished and the lessons that were learned from it:

  1. The best way to find THE jewel hotel lobby in a city is through local friends.

  2. Creativity and challenges are everything; discover places no one ever explored.

  3. Dare to enter the most luxurious palaces for a drink in their sumptuous lobbies. I promise you will quickly understand why I created my blog.

  4. The way to the restrooms in a hotel will reveal its untold story. After this stroll, you will notice so many details which, I am sure, will either completely seduce you or make you fall out of love with the visited palazzo.

  5. Pay attention to the corridors, walls, and decoration. You will be astonished by their particularities and artistic surprises!

  6. The secret to the beauty of a hotel usually lies in its details which form one impressive and unforgettable whole, such as the folds of towels, napkins and toilet paper.

  7. The direction of a hotel will tell you the place’s official story, but its staff will be its juicy conscience and bright eyes. Take your time to greet, talk and listen to their fascinating stories.

  8. When leaving a lobby in Israel, YOU will know the first name of most of the staff, as well as their family history, dreams, political views, salary, and wishes. When you will leave a lobby in Paris, the STAFF will know your first name (but will call you by your surname), as well as your family history, dramas, secrets, political views and wishes.

  9. Observing a lobby can turn into a memorable (anthropological) exercise and can broaden your mind towards different cultures and mindsets.

  10. Every lobby has its own and specific audience; there are specialized matchmaking/mafia/business/granny/millennial/mother-in-law lobbies.

  11. Celebrities like to chill in hotel lobbies as there are discreet corners, relaxing music, and they can peacefully meet their friends and business partners. They feel more secure in this environment and tend to sometimes forget that they can be overheard by discreet hotel bloggers 😉

  12. Tea Time will remind you that it is critical to find time to stop time just for one moment and indulge yourself in the magnificent atmosphere of an authentic beauty.

  13. I met the greatest people during my trips and their visions, passions, thoughts, advice, and care were inestimable for me, my blog and pictures! They turned every post into a beautiful Technicolor movie!

  14. I have been to hotels which were an enchanted dream world, but I also visited hotels whose energy and design were barely worth a three-minutes visit.

  15. I stayed in a hotel with such a huge bedroom that I mistook it for a hotel lobby. I also stayed in a hotel room which was so small I could touch the cupboard with one hand, the bed with the other, reach the bathroom with my left leg and the toilet with my right leg. And above all, I had to climb on a sofa and a table to reach the safety box!

  16. Five Star hotels are not always the tidiest and you might even be served a hairy (bearded) tea, while you could visit a two-star hotel and be completely blown away by the surprising vintage ambiance of the place.

  17. Try to give a second chance to hotel visits; they might have a bad hair day too.

  18. More than ever have I understood to never take anything for granted and that sometimes little gestures can lead to big changes.

  19. Creating my blog and exhibiting my photos with Artelli Gallery were amazing experiences as I stood on the other side of the mirror; I got out of my comfort zone and put myself out there.

  20. I was invited to participate in a photography contest and one of my photographs turned out to be among the best entries.

  21. You are more than welcome to visit my photography website and purchase a photo on the following link: https://www.noemiephotography.com/

  22. Thanking people for supporting and believing in my dream is of utmost importance as there are and always will be others who believe that dreams are there to be crushed and laughed at. I learned to distance myself from them and get closer to people who offer constructive criticism. To both of you, thanks for opening my eyes!

  23. Owning a blog is much more than writing an article; it includes, deciding where to travel next, finding that one special hotel which deserves to be put in the spotlights, taking photographs that reflect the ambiance of the visited lobby, contacting the hotel, and sharing my love for lobbies on social media.

But all this is not a big fuss as I absolutely love what I’m doing and isn’t this one of the most important things in life? To do something which you are passionate about and truly makes you happy? I can’t wait to continue my quest for more sensational and striking lobbies worldwide in your company! Let’s let the party continue!

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