St. Regis’ hospitality, love, and care will show you why this 5-star hotel in Florence was named after a saint!

St. Regis’ hospitality, love, and care will show you why this 5-star hotel in Florence was named after a saint!

I always dreamed of visiting Florence as I’m a huge fan of Italian Renaissance. So you can easily imagine how excited I got when I finally decided to visit Sandro Botticelli’s city!

The minute I set foot in its Hotel St. Regis, I knew it would be love at first sight… And I was right! I completely fell head over heels for this palazzo and its amazingly sweet and caring staff!

I felt that if a hotel should represent Firenze, it would undoubtedly be this gem, which offers a breathtaking view on the river Arno and the amazing clouds festival, waltzing wholeheartedly above your head and in front of your eyes.

The place is so unreal that I would be tempted to tell you to go and experience the grandiosity of true hospitality for yourself as it is almost impossible for me to express the feeling that emerged when I walked around the place.

HDC interior designer, Michael Stelea’s work is beyond words as he found the way to perfectly incorporate and balance modernity, colors, space, and intimacy in a 15th-century old palazzo which was designed by world-renowned Filippo Brunelleschi. Being able to design a daring, fashionable glamorous and up-to-date interior which doesn’t clash with the creativity of an architect who lived about 500 years ago is more than impressive.

While wandering and wondering around the premises, a feeling of bliss overcomes you as you realize the true meaning of beauty is within your reach, leading to such a powerful moment of supreme perfection and gratitude. Just as Florence and its inhabitants have been convincingly doing for the past centuries, you suddenly sense that where there’s a will there’s a way, no matter how many efforts are needed to achieve your ultimate goals!

The way the hotel unveils its authentic allure, glamor and grace is wonderful, but what I found truly breathtaking and mesmerizing, are its discreet corners, frequently hidden behind plants, and huge flower bouquets. Take your time to discover them as they will literally blow your mind away.

I suggest you visit the premises in the morning as the lobby might not be too crowded and you might benefit from the staff’s full attention which is priceless.

I had the incredible chance of meeting Mr. Mirko Eutizi, the hotel’s Food and Beverage Service Manager, who turned out to be much more than that; the Wine Magician or the Oenology Master are titles which would absolutely suit him too.

Listening to Mirko talk so enthusiastically was a moment which I will cherish for a long time as passion is what makes the world go round and turn it into a better place. The tour he gave me in the wine cellar was unforgettable! I was so fortunate to listen to a connoisseur who, thanks to the sparkles in his eyes and his fabulous stories, carried me away to the best vineyards around the globe.

And believe me, we need enchanted locations which turn reality into dreams, expose beauty in various unexpected ways and make you look at life in a different and adventurous way.

I will certainly return to this captivating Florentine island, filled with inestimable treasures, which is an absolute must!

Address: Piazza Ognissanti 1, 50123 Florence FI, Italy
Tel.: +39 390 552 71 61
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    Somptueux hôtel qui dénote du bon goût et de l’élégance italienne.

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