Hotel The Peellaert will introduce you to Bruges in a surprising and original way!

Hotel The Peellaert will introduce you to Bruges in a surprising and original way!

As some of you may know, Bruges is one of the nicest and most mesmerizing places in Belgium. Visiting the city gives you a foretaste as to how life must have been in Flanders in the Middle Ages.

No wonder many refer to the city as the Venice of the North because of its bridges, beguinage, cathedral, basilica, and canals, which can be found throughout the city. But this magical city has, even more to offer when one perceives the beautiful houses and palaces which were built some centuries after the Middles Ages.

When wondering and wandering around, one question kept on popping into my mind: how do all these beautiful houses look inside? Hotel The Peellaert offers the opportunity to visit one of these stunning houses which add an additional touch to the beauty of Bruges.

It tells a different but nonetheless interesting story of the city as it shows, as soon as you set foot in the premises, that no matter in what time setting it is put, it is always striking and unforgettable.

It is impossible to remain unmoved by the overwhelming classical beauty that emanates from every corner of every room of every hall. I shall not forget the amazing flower bouquets and paintings which ornate the lobby as they constitute this lovely thin line between classy and modern elegance.

When looking closely to the people posing on the portraits, one can easily be carried away into a 19th century décor, which can at any given moment, embrace the adventures of Pride and Prejudice’s heroine, Elizabeth Bennett.

The beautiful staircase leading to the bedrooms and spa has certainly been witness to unforgettable and enchanting scenes, which would surely satisfy the ongoing imagination of many of us.

It is exactly this line between the past, the present and the future which turns this setting into such a memorable visit. The daring mixture of art, nature, history, peacefulness, discretion and, modernity in the middle of a lively and touristic town is the key to its success… And I absolutely loved it!

This palazzo is a true gem as although it’s beauty and stylish features are undeniable; it immediately makes you feel at home thanks to its charming and welcoming staff, which will do its utmost to make you feel comfortable as soon as you enter the premises. Even the wifi code will put a smile on your face.

I bet I have awoken your curiosity so don’t wait any longer and visit this breathtaking hotel in the center of Bruges which opens a door to true Belgian allure and glamor and is an absolute must!

Address: Hoogstraat 20, Bruges, Belgium
Tel: +32 50 33 78 89
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