My impressions on my first exhibition at Affordable Art Fair in Brussels!

My impressions on my first exhibition at Affordable Art Fair in Brussels!

My father is an amazing cartoonist so as far as I can remember I always had a close relationship with art in all its forms and features.

Most fathers would tell fairy tales to their children at bedtime, I would listen to the amazing adventures of Tintin, Quick et Flupke and Spirou. When my school friends were running around in amusement parks, the zoo and/or practicing sports, I could be found in museums or at concert halls and… I loved it!

I became convinced, at a very young age, that art and creativity were among the main elements which made the world go round; I always wondered how it would feel to have my own art exposed for all to see.

I got the chance to answer to that question as my photos were noticed and exhibited by the amazing Artelli Gallery, which presented them at Affordable Art Fair in Brussels!

What an unforgettable experience! So much talent, imagination and originality! So much everything! It was just great to be surrounded by so many works of art, their creators and the galleries that thoroughly believed in their talent.

But above all, it was so interesting for me to observe how complete strangers reacted to my photographs! I listened to their comments, looked at their body language and understood who my audience was. I was finally able to assemble an approximative image of the people who seemed to bond with my photographic stream, view and philosophy.

It was so strange (but in a positive way) to stand at the other side of the mirror; to be the one who got out of her comfort zone and put herself out there.

Those who know me very well know that I always find beauty and inspiration in hidden details: a lone and colorful flower in a huge green field, the light that shines uncomfortably in the corner of a room, a tiny detail in an interior or old building.

This is exactly what I try to achieve when I shoot a picture: the right moment which envelops the memory’s past, present and future atmosphere, heritage, essence and identity. I always strive to remain loyal to the instant, its colors, elements and irregularities, which often turn out to be the key to success of the photographed gem.

My flair and instincts must go fast as one move, breath, wink and the picture turns into another story; the story of the next second. Photography is a momentous event which should be noticed and caught in the same way as we recognize happiness, as it is all fading and floating away, since time is moving everything to the next (exciting) picture of our existence.

An existence filled with passion, which I was thrilled to share with you, as you are an integral part of the inspiration I felt when I took the pictures that were exposed at Affordable Art Fair!

I would like to take a moment to thank the team and, especially Elie Schönfeld, of Artelli Gallery, my friends and family for everything they have done for me. I have been, I am and will always be surrounded by very talented family members and friends. I am not only talking about the artistic, intelligent and scientific ones, but also about the ones who have brought so much to the world in their own anonymous and charming way.

All these people make my choices, beliefs, wishes and passions possible as I can truly feel that they believe in me, wish me the best and are passionate about supporting me no matter what! They rock my world!

All of you, and you know who you are, I love you!

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  1. Pami Reply

    Voir tes photos exposées au Affordable Art nous a fait chaud au coeur.
    Les réactions positives des visiteurs ont confirmé ton talent. Continue à développer un de tes multiples dons.

  2. Rina Barbut Reply

    Amazing woman! To many more…

  3. Michael Grosz Reply

    You rock, Noike!

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