Kimpton de Witt Hotel, the swinging gem that made it difficult for me to leave Amsterdam!

Kimpton de Witt Hotel, the swinging gem that made it difficult for me to leave Amsterdam!

I have always been a big fan of places that help you forget, even for a moment, your routine and encourage you to take an enchanting walk in a universe you will never want to leave!

Kimpton de Witt Hotel is a true haven of colors, flowers, lines, and cubes, coated by the heat of a stunning and heartwarming fireplace which will make your soul melt for this jewel  which opened its doors a few months ago.

Walking in and out of the various lobbies immediately makes you understand that the aim of the hotel is to make each guest feel at home away from home and provide a cozy atmosphere to every person that sets a foot in this breathtaking pearl.

I would be tempted to compare the premises to a promenade through a magic and surprising journey, as the landscape which is slowly but surely unveiling itself, is constantly changing and pushing you into another creative and imaginary story.

Or should I compare it to the stages of our existence, composed of different needs, tones and interests?

I had the feeling that the hotel’s wish was to delicately immerse its guests into its world by starting the interior design adventure with soft colors that reminded me of my childhood; blue, pink, grey, these comforting and soothing tints that underline the beauty and carelessness of childhood.

My eyes were attracted by an amazing bouquet of flowers on a magnificent table in another part of the grand hall, which drew me back to my teenage years, filled with youth camp stories in the impressive Swiss and French Alps, where we would run around in complete harmony with the surrounding nature. You know, these amazing Kodak moments, which are engraved in your heart and always lead to an enormous smile when remembering them.

As if this sight wasn’t enough, I got totally mesmerized by the gorgeous bookcase which was discreetly showing off its glamorous and classy enlightened forms and measurements across the shining yellow shade of the adjacent bouquet. I would have loved to enjoy its company, books and bibelots, while I was studying for my exams as I know it would have inspired me way more than my sterile university library, which nonetheless offered the sweetest memories.

Memories that I shared with my friend in the comfortable sofas which can be found throughout the space and offer a glimpse to the true meaning of coziness needed after a long and exciting day in Amsterdam.

But this is not all, after discovering the different lobbies, I ended up in the most unexpected part of the hotel; the indoor conservatory which is mind blowing! This peaceful and calming retreat will attract even the most sceptic visitors who will lose their seriousness and restraint, conquer one of the trendy swings and jump wholeheartedly into their most memorable and long-lost memories.

I was so lucky to meet florist Frank Faber, owner of Prinselijk Gebonden, a magician of modern times who, thanks to his talented hands, daring creativity and undeniable love for nature, succeeded in turning this original gem into a colorful floral fairy tale. He represents, in my eyes, what I always knew; that being passionate about something brings you closer to fulfillment and that it is through this dedication that everything can be turned into striking and unearthly beauty!

My friend and I found it hard to abandon the swings and the other hotel treasures as who, in his/her right mind, would like to move out of Wonderland in the middle of Amsterdam?

So whenever you visit the city, please don’t miss this amazingly bright and shining jewel, which is an absolute must!


Address: Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 5, 1012 RC Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 20 620 05 00
Click here to visit Kimpton de Witt Hotel’s website


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  1. Rina Reply

    So many colors show so many behaviors and taste of one place, same place in a beautiful harmony… wish to have a home like this for everyone… each article, each week is a part of Wonderland!

    • lobbyandtea Reply

      And I absolutely adore your messages as they always put a huge smile on my face and give me a huge boost for the day to come! It is my wish to offer part of Wonderland to my family, friends and readers! Neshikoooot!

  2. Pami Reply

    Très beau camaieu de gris, jaune,…
    Les bouquets sont d’authentiques merveilles.

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