Lobby and Tea found the ideal match between you and a hotel which will reach your goals in Antwerp!

Lobby and Tea found the ideal match between you and a hotel which will reach your goals in Antwerp!

I know I dedicated my last blog post to Antwerp, but I could not neglect its new De Gulde Schoen Hotel (The Gilded Shoe in English), that opened its doors two weeks ago!

This shining and bright diamond in the city’s oldest neighborhood, has succeeded in nicely and impressively mix its 15th century old house with the latest 21st century’s gadgets and must-haves.

Design agency At Too Many Agencies founded by Will Erens has once more, done an amazing job. When entering the premises, you are bound to forget your daily routine and penetrate another galaxy which was unlocked for us by the family of famous soccer player Mousa Dembelé who proves it is possible to stay in a trendy, innovative and posh hotel and genuinely feel part of the family.

The owners’ devotion for their palazzo can be detected everywhere as it has done its utmost to underline its undeniable beauty and originality, but at the same time maintain it welcoming and homey.

Blooming and beaming flowers and plants are thoroughly taken care of and can be admired all over the place. Matching yellow sun-shining chairs and blue sofas, are impatiently waiting to start their cloudy pillow fight. The battle led with affection and caution, can be followed from all the striking corners thanks to mirrors which play an important role in this breathtaking design.

Arches are meticulously contemplating and decorating the area, and if you follow their sight you will unconsciously enter the pretty and peaceful The Gilded Bar, a pink zen haven of relaxation.

This glittering gem surrounded by architectural bliss, interior daring magic design and covered by majestic arches, gives the scene a je ne sais quoi of universal royalty. At the same time, you will forget where you are as everything you might wish and/or need during your visit, will be provided to you in a natural and spontaneous way.

I’m not only talking of the service, but mostly about the helpful and smiley staff who let you wander and wonder around this earthly paradise to which they look after as if it were their own private, charming and glamorous garden.

I am quite sure the secret to a successful hotel was uncovered here as it is cherished as if it were a fragile and inestimable treasure. It is constantly pampered, rearranged, decorated, and the management works around the clock to find a perfect compromise that will turn them and their clients into perpetual shiny happy people.

Just as its owners, De Gulde Schoen cares for its past and where it comes from, fights for what/where it stands for and anticipates its decisions for the near and far future. These steps will surely guide to a memorable life-changing adventure, but at the same time keep everyone down to earth.

It also quickly caught the importance of making clients feel at ease in an unknown city and make them fall in love with this home away from home. The palazzo perceived true love as an important ingredient and decided therefore to make the first step of the ongoing seduction game and spread it in every corner of every room of every hall.

And isn’t there a world-renowned quote saying To be loved, you first need to be able to love? This loving and lovable match for you is an absolute must!

Melkmarkt 39, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium
+32 3 280 00 30
Click here to visit De Gulde Schoen’s website

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  1. Pami Reply

    A voir les magnifiques photos, je suis convaincue qu’ il marquera des buts dans le paysage hôtelier anversois.

  2. Rina Reply

    Beautifully written. Can’t wait to have a date with this beautiful match 😉

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