Make way for the dream Athenaeum of every student!

Make way for the dream Athenaeum of every student!

What can one expect of a hotel which carries the name Athénée (institution for the promotion of learning)? Well, let me tell you that I would have loved to attend such a school!

The magnificent entrance draws even the most sceptic and shy people into getting a closer look at this place which has nothing of an educational institution but contains all the ingredients of a successful and breathtaking palace.

The reasons why I love lobbies so much, can be found here since everything which is offered to you is done with such elegance, sensitivity and finesse.

All your wishes and needs are within your reach as you are welcomed and pampered by a very discreet, smiling and lovely staff who will immediately make you feel at ease in this shining gem.

But this is not all; your bags will be more than happy to rest on the comfortable, velvet and padded footstools set at their disposal. The result is quite astonishing as when you will leave the lobby and eventually the hotel, your Parisian shopping will suddenly feel way lighter than upon your arrival.

This feeling is due to the music that accompanies you while sipping your tea and cookies: a harpist plays beautiful, relaxing and Zen music which will, at a certain point, transport you to charming souvenirs and your inner self.

You will feel you are part of this breathtaking décor and no one will bother you while reading a book, writing, talking to your friends or discovering the place.

I warmly suggest you take a look at La Cour Jardin of the hotel where stunning art sensations will not leave you unmoved! The location of the exhibition is so original that the sculptures and art pieces will amaze you by their originality and creativity.

This hotel which blends simplicity, originality and luxury perfectly is a must!

Address: 25, Avenue Montaigne, 75008 Paris, France
Tel.: +33 1 53 67 66 65
Click here to visit the Plaza Athénée’s website


5 Responses

  1. OSHI Reply

    so amazing! could not stop reading

  2. Pami Reply

    Le texte magnifique fait honneur à un des hôtels exclusifs parisiens. Une visite à ce palace s’impose.

  3. Hadas Reply

    Your writing takes me back to the era I never knew but always dreamed of. I imagine myself in a princess gown, waltzing through the lobby into the next grand ballroom, while pausing to take a sip of my tea. I thank you for generating this feeling in me!

    • lobbyandtea Reply

      Thank you for your lovely message! The Plaza Athénée is a dream palazzo in the middle of stunning Paris! The atmosphere is so special; you will indeed long for the ballroom… And I am sure the princess gown will suit you perfectly!

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