Meet the modern version of Catherine of Medici in a villa in Florence!

Meet the modern version of Catherine of Medici in a villa in Florence!

Florence is such an interesting, stunning and mysterious city, filled with mesmerizing artworks, groundbreaking architecture, and masterpieces, that all you want, is leave on a never-ending discovery trip.

I enjoy visiting cities which have a great story to tell as remains and proves of their tales can be found in every corner of their Metropolis. This is the case of Sina Villa Medici, a beautiful 19th century historic building, which previously used to be a monastery, and then turned into a palazzo, designed by Luigi Cambray Digny.

During one of his promenades in 1958, Count Ernesto Bocca discovered this gem and decided to transform it into a hotel which would very soon become the town’s hospitality reference for royalty, aristocrats, and celebrities.

When entering the building, you immediately understand why as the calming Zen attitude that emanates from this jewel is impressive; a discreet haven of peace after a day of exciting but tiring discoveries!

But this is not all; I loved the place as it understood the importance of hotel lobbies. Indeed, I noticed that more and more hotels tend to erase the latter from their VIR (Very Important Rooms) list and prefer to use the space for other purposes, which is, according to me, a mistake.

A mistake because people love and need lobbies for various reasons; to rest, relax, read a book, work, meet business partners and/or clients, find their potential soul mate, make new friends, share experiences, adventures, and opinions and most importantly, have a place that does not confine them to their rooms and the breakfast hall.

The lobby, or should I say the numerous lobbies, will satisfy people as they were designed to offer privacy, intimacy, and/or a sense of togetherness in comfortable sofas where they are offered the possibility to chill, wander and wonder around, talk to the other guests and/or staff, admire the unique garden, and digest Florence’s diverse and unforgettable facets.

Florence is omnipresent at the premises as, aside from its architecture and design, the owners have made a point to expose detailed creations, by Marco Lanza, of original paintings exhibited at the Uffizi Gallery of Catherine of Medici. These chefs-d’oeuvre emphasize that history and its charismatic characters have and will always have a prominent and proud place in their hearts.

Sina Villa Medici has a heart and a soul which I sensed throughout my visit and I absolutely adored it! The good old sense of belonging, the unconditional love of a hotel for its city and its own personalized design were so refreshing in a world which is slowly but surely turning into one big cyber whole.

This villa, which impersonates what Florence stands for, is an absolute must!

Address: Via II Prato 42, 50123 Florence, FI, Italy
Tel.: +39 055 27 71 71
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    Lobby = VIR

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    Le charme discret des beaux hôtels.

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