Meet royalty in the middle of a beach!

Meet royalty in the middle of a beach!

I have known the Royal Beach for some time now as I am an absolute fan of its mouthwatering restaurant The Westside, which is, according to me, one of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv.

I was curious to know whether the hotel lobby was as noteworthy and I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised as it is the heart of this bubbling hotel.

Although the whole place is marked by modernity and innovation, it has put a point to keep and pamper the good old-fashioned and extremely charming need and prestige of a lobby.

Indeed, contrary to many modern hotels that prefer to erase a lobby from their architectural plans, the Royal Beach has decided to keep it and concede it a royal spot; no matter where, what and when you will always be confronted to its supremacy as all the ways lead to this magic diamond set in the middle of a crown.

A shining gem which enables tourists to take a moment to relax from an exhausting chill day at the beach, meet their summer love, chat away with fellow guests, share their opinion on the hidden treasures of the city that never sleeps, or just look around and observe the ongoing activity in this five-star hotel.

And believe me, they will not remain unmoved by the scenes that will be drawn in front of their eyes: they will witness the unconditional love of grandparents towards their grandchildren, watch a matchmaker introduce two potential candidates to each other, be assisted by an amazingly nice and patient staff that will take its time to listen to their adventures, and maybe have the chance to encounter Mariah Carey on her way to the presentation of one of her new beauty products.

But this is not all; the Royal Beach has made a point of showing that, contrary to many big chain hotels, it does not want to offer an ephemeral souvenir to its guests. That is why it decided to present young and talented Israeli photographers to its visitors.

The stunning, modern and original pictures displayed throughout the hotel show a different view on the surrounding society and environment. They awake curiosity because they require an understanding and open mindedness which will accompany its viewers throughout their stay as whenever they enter one of the many commodities of the hotel they’re confronted to the chefs-d’oeuvre.

The creativity, innovation and unconventionality of the works of art can be found in the details, just as it does in the lobby. That is why I warmly suggest you take a detailed tour of the latter as you will be astonished by the surprises of beauty and originality it will provide to you!

This royal and loyal hotel towards photography and long-lasting souvenirs set across the beach is a must!

Address: HaYarkon Street 19, 6801120 Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Tel.: +972 3 740 50 00
Click here to visit Royal Beach’s website

Swimming pool
Swimming pool

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  1. Sara Reply

    As usual you get to the essence of it and you make us feel like we are there with you!
    Thank for this wonderful insight
    Love s

  2. Pami Reply

    L’idée de promovoir la culture à tous les étages est brillante.

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