Norman, the stylish Englishman in Tel Aviv…

Norman, the stylish Englishman in Tel Aviv…

When approaching the two hotel buildings of The Norman, built in the Roaring Twenties, you will be amazed by the never-ending story of beauty and originality emanating from these shining jewels.

The blend of Oriental and Renaissance influence, symmetric forms, classical and modern design, transformed these creations into real architectural chefs d’oeuvre, which will leave no one unmoved.

But this is not all; the interior of the hotel will strike its visitors by its audacious mixture of furniture, colors and styles propelling them into a maze of creativity, special effects and elegance.

Cubes ornate the covering of classic sofas which are matched with colorful pillows, Superheroes oversee peaceful but decisive discussions and Art Deco chandeliers and doorknobs accompany you to the water closets.

The Dead Sea encrusted Joseph’s Violin 2 by artist Sigalit Landau, part of the place’s impressive Israeli art collection which can be admired in every detail of every corner of every room of the oh so British environment, attracts all the visitors’ eyes in the stunning and comfortable Library Bar.

A bar which offers an impressive choice of cocktails, passionately prepared by true professional barmen and served to you by a caring, smiling and attentive staff, which will make you feel at home away from home.

It is crystal clear that the owners’ hearts belong to and balance between Israel, the United Kingdom and their heritage, and that they have done their utmost to proudly show and share this unconditional love by naming this hotel The Norman.

A great idea as it immediately sets the tone of this establishment which is run by a British/Israeli family: it is a typical British first name which pushes its guests into typical Israeli familiarity of simply calling the place Ha Norman.

But mostly because it is an homage to the hotel proprietor’s father, Norman Lurie, who owned Israel’s first boutique hotel, the Dolphin House, which was home to many international celebrities.

Indeed, remarkable guests and family photos and a beautiful poem written by Norman, ornate the establishment’s walls and testify of the impressive Lurie history.

You quickly understand that the gene of classy and fashionable hotel business runs through the veins of this unique family as the love and care they put in every detail can be touched, seen, heard, tasted and smelled throughout the enchanted palace they have created.

The mission they set upon themselves was accomplished as when leaving this sexy 007 place, you will have reached the heart of Tel Aviv and unlocked part of its mystery, charm and sophistication.

This cozy British Israeli nest is a must!

Address: Nahmani Street 23-25, 6579441 Tel Aviv, Israel
Tel.: +972 3 543 55 55
Click here to visit the Norman’s website

Dining hall

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  1. Aliza Shultzer Reply

    Your pictures are amazing, bringing up the atmosphere and the magic in this place. I ‘d love visit it. Thanks 🙏

  2. Pami Reply

    L’authenticité de cet endroit a été préservée. En s’installant dans le lobby/bar on pourrait croire qu’Hercule Poirot va faire son entrée. Même sans sa présence on profite du charme de l’endroit. Un vrai dépaysement.

  3. Michael Grosz Reply

    A perfect description of a beautiful place that has already become a true landmark of Tel Aviv. Well done, Noemie!

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