The Pulitzer Amsterdam will tell you what happens behind the curtains of the houses on the Prinsengracht!

The Pulitzer Amsterdam will tell you what happens behind the curtains of the houses on the Prinsengracht!

Have you ever been to a hotel which was built inside 25 connecting Golden Age canal houses? No? Well let me introduce you to the Pulitzer Amsterdam, which is bursting with originality and elegance!

The minute I set foot in these splendid premises, I felt a need to know what was hiding behind the walls of each home. Who were the inhabitants? What was their story? Their passion or profession?

Designer Jacu Strauss satisfied my wishes as he tried to answer the above-mentioned questions by finding a surprising way to mix the place’s chronicles with contemporary needs and desires. Indeed, one of the most striking spots of the place is the old-school and unique pharmacy which shines bright like a diamond amidst the century-old houses. Or is it the “Vermeerian” atmosphere which was constantly present during my visit?

Jacu Strauss also understood the importance of hotel lobbies and provided a variety of them throughout the hotel, which enables guests to sit, mingle and relax in the colorful universe of their liking.

I fell in love with this place as I could sense its need to make its visitors enjoy a home in the city they love so much. In order to achieve this, various sexy, daring and classic styles were applied to ensure that everyone would find a spot which would seduce them. This led to a result which can be summarized in one word: perfection!

Just like on a painting, a flashy pallet was used in some corners and darker colors in others and this mixture is truly impressive. How about a drink in the traditional bar or a delicious slice of cake in the flashy green lobby? How about a nice chat on the cozy sofas next to the reception desk or on the swings in the garden with a view on the Westerkerk?

The Pulitzer Amsterdam clearly wants to show that although the palazzo dived into modernity, it is still passionate about tradition, authentic communication and history, turning this collection of stunning Amsterdam houses into an absolute must!

Address: Prinsengracht 323, 1016 GZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 20 523 52 35
Click here to visit the Pulitzer Amsterdam’s website


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