Sense hotel in Sofia will awake all your senses thanks to its sensational sense of hospitality!

Sense hotel in Sofia will awake all your senses thanks to its sensational sense of hospitality!

Sofia is one of the first cities I visited on my Balkan trip. It surprised me by the overwhelming beauty that emanated from everywhere, especially from many of its hidden corners. In one of these discreet places, I spotted the beautifully designed Sense Hotel, which offers a fresh breeze to the surrounding classical stunning neighborhood.

When entering the premises, you will discover the impressive work achieved by Lazzarini Pickering Architetti and Architectural Group Tzonkov. The mixture of Italian, Australian and Bulgarian influences leads to an original and unexpected result which will make you instantly fall in love with the hotel.

The entrance sets the tone as its ceiling is covered by Jeff Koons’ lookalike balloons, giving the area an arty foretaste of what will follow during your visit.

The lobby was modeled to create a place where tourists and businesspeople could relax after a long day of various touristic and/or work activities. Indeed, inviting and comfortable sofas are impatiently waiting to hug their guests under the careful eyes of portraits whose resemblance balances between African art, Juan Miro and Karel Appel.

The interesting blend of beige and grey sofas, wooden bookcases, bamboo chandeliers and colorful paintings, creates an atmosphere which carries its visitors away from the hectic city to calming and peaceful horizons.

The architects nevertheless worked on an ongoing connection to the city by designing a rooftop offering a breathtaking view over Sofia, Vitosha mountain, and its world-renowned gems, such as the Alexander Nevski Cathedral.

Walking around the bar was a moment of pure bliss because it gave me the opportunity to discover beautiful Sofia while almost touching the clouds in the sky!

That’s why I warmly suggest visiting this jewel on your first day in Sofia; it will give you the opportunity to get a general idea of Bulgaria’s capital treasures and assist you in deciding what to discover next.

Let me put it this way; the name that was given to the hotel was well thought of since it will awake all your senses. Your vision will be amazed by the originality of the place, your ears will eagerly listen to the explanations provided by one of the sweet waiters, you will want to touch the furniture materials, and you will be captivated by the heavenly taste and smell of your tea and dessert!

This sensational design hotel in Sofia is an absolute must!

Address: Tsar Osvoboditel Boulevard 16, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel.: +359 700 20 670
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    Très bonne idée de mettre une ville un peu méconnue dans les projecteurs.

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