The hotel lobby, a place which will make Valentine a happy day!

The hotel lobby, a place which will make Valentine a happy day!

I visited many hotel lobbies and observing the ongoing dynamics of the place is one of my favorite occupations while sipping my tea. Below you will find a list of couples you will most probably encounter in a lobby on Valentine’s Day:

  1. The I love you, No I love you more, No I love you more more couples.

  2. Those who have no complexes and show how amazing they are together by overacting the flirting, kissing and… should I go on?

  3. The we couples who share everything, from food dishes to all their social media accounts.

  4. Partners who give the impression of being an individual as only one and same voice is heard during conversations with them, hmm, her, hmm, him, hmm…

  5. Lovebirds having an affair, who were certain that none of their acquaintances would show up in a lobby and are currently using menus and plants as their hiding shields. They are paranoid, have the impression their mother-in-law is closely watching them, and their eyes and brains are actively trying to figure out how to discreetly get out of this impossible (but exciting) situation.

  6. Fighting couples who are over friendly with the waiter and neighbors but can’t bear the sight of each other. They agreed to go out because none of them wanted to be the official evening spoiler.

  7. Fighting couples bis who always fight in front of an audience, preferably after a few drinks, and force their surroundings to pick sides.

  8. Social media addicts who choose their table according to the decor as they live for and through tweets, likes and followers. The shining Pepsodent smile, Poker face and world-renowned Duckface are inevitable elements of the daily infinite portion of pictures they share with the world.

  9. Gossiping partners in crime who possess hidden and sophisticated schmooze radars and know more about you than yourself. Yes, yes, they know your past, present AND future.

  10. Couples who always drag another couple with them, who is usually at the same stage of life. Comparing their existence to theirs has a calming effect on them… Or is the reason why they meet because they would rather not be left alone with their own partner?

  11. The matchmaker partners who arranged an (un)expected rendezvous between their best friends who never met but are, according to them, a match from heaven.

  12. Those who, according to their ideal match list, are made for each other but quickly realize that their expectations led to the most boring evening and person they ever met.

  13. Couples who have nothing to say to each other. A few years ago, this would have led to awkward and uncomfortable moments, but nowadays Smartphones have turned into the ultimate savior in this situation.

  14. People who go on a blind date as they didn’t notice it was Valentine’s Day and are surrounded by a myriad of flirting and amorous couples. Both are currently thorougly scrutunizing the menu and the fly which just landed on their table.

  15. Valentine’s Day boycotters who decided to rebel against it but end up doing what everyone does on that day: going out.

  16. Parents who bring their cute but noisy and wild children with them as they couldn’t find a suitable babysitter but made a point to nevertheless go on a (romantic) date.

  17. Parents bis who haven’t been on a date for a while and need to get used to spending time together, without having to take care of their kids. They still can’t believe they accomplished the impossible mission and keep on checking their phones.

  18. Undercover agents who don’t make it clear if they are dating or on a secret espionage mission.

  19. The stingy ones who love the cocktails they ordered but will come up with thousand excuses not to pay. They will even ask their friend to join them to get an additional free mojito.

  20. Travel couples who are used to posh hotels and feel comfortable in every circumstance and corner of the premises. They know the staff by their first name and don’t need the menu as they know it by heart.

  21. The adventurer who likes to order the unknown and the comfortzoneseeker who always orders the same drink, usually chamomile tea or hot cocoa.

  22. Those who can’t find the right time to meet without yawning as for one of them it’s way past bedtime and for the other, the evening just started.

  23. The perfect couples who have figured and organized their entire life. All is wonderful, smiley and calculated; they have perfect smiles, bodies, jobs, bank accounts, vacations, pictures and their perfect children, who play in the perfect sandbox, always remain perfectly clean.

I am sure you recognized your surroundings in this article but what I am trying to say is that couples around me make me smile. Not because I am making fun of them but because although some of them remind me of the above-mentioned list, most of them seem to share an indestructable, touching, strong complicity and loads of love, which are so right, heartwarming and beautiful.

Isn’t this what love is all about? To recognize the unrecognizable, catch the floating joyful moments, share the sur mesure family Kodak moments and seize the day?

Hotel Pulitzer, Amsterdam
J. K. Place, Florence
Hotel de Orangerie, Bruges
Hôtel Esprit Saint Germain, Paris
Boulevard Leopold, Antwerp

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  1. Rina Barbut Reply

    Love it!! Love you! So beautiful and so true…

  2. Pami Reply

    Un joli coin pour parler d’amour.

  3. Pami Reply

    Comment résister à un si beau décor

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