Thousand times thank you!

Thousand times thank you!

This week was a special one as Lobby and Tea reached 1.000 likes on Facebook! The truth is that this is just an excuse for me to thank you:

1. For your ongoing support.

2. For your likes, haha’s, wow’s and love.

3. For your sweet comments.

4. For sharing my posts, as sharing is caring!

5. For reading, correcting and commenting on my articles.

6. For accompanying me to various exciting but far-removed lobbies.

7. For giving me the ability to see what others might not immediately notice or sense.

8. For agreeing to get carried away to the unknown… even to ex-war zones.

9. For helping me when I completely got lost in the mesmerizing countries I visited. Dr. Google, you were the best remedy for my non-existing sense of direction.

10. For encouraging me at my first photography exhibition at Affordable Art Fair in Brussels.

11. For sharing my love for lobbies.

12. For welcoming me so nicely in your hotels and palaces.

13. For opening up to me and help me unlock the fabulous and secret universe of hotels.

14. For taking the time to tell the interesting story of a palazzo.

15. For being so original and daring when designing a lobby.

16. For posing so peacefully and statically for my photographs, leading to unforgettable lobby moments.

17. For decorating the lobbies with beautiful flower bouquets; they truly made my day!

18. For serving delicious teas which carried me to magic and exotic horizons.

19. For adding tasty noshes to my tea!

20. For hiding some lobby gems, giving me the opportunity to uncover hidden parts of your palazzino.

21. For placing the restrooms at least 500 meters from the lobby, leading to the discovery of fascinating sides of your palace.

22. For standing so far from each other; enabling me to discover mysterious and hidden parts of cities.

23. For being able to end my lobby visits with and they lived happily ever after!

24. For not always being perfect as this gives the world a more human touch!

25. For pushing me to take steps I would otherwise not dare to take.

26. For sharing my passion!

27. For your suggestions.

28. For your honesty.

29. For believing in me!

30. For being such an amazing family, great friends and readers!

I can’t wait to continue my quest for many sensational and striking lobbies worldwide in your company!

All of you, I love you sooo much! Please don’t change as you make my universe such an enchanting place to live in! You all deserve big mega likes and loves!

Dank u, Danke, Grazie, Hvala, Merci, Tesekkurler, Thank you, תודה רבה !!!!

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  1. Suzy Reply

    Merci chère Noemie pour partager ces moments magiques dans ces lieux fabuleux
    Doe zo voort, love you !!

    • lobbyandtea Reply

      Mille mercis pour ce super gentil message qui me touche énormément! J’ai hâte de te faire découvrir de nouveaux endroits! Gros bisous and see you soon!

  2. Pami Reply

    Continue à nous faire rêver en t’accompagnant dans la découverte des merveilleux endroits. Nous sommes très fiers de toi.

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