Visit a dream hospital and long to stay there forever!

Visit a dream hospital and long to stay there forever!

I always dreamed of visiting Scotland, the country of never-ending highlands, bagpipes and kilts which always made me wonder if… Oh well, you know what I mean!

When entering the gorgeous Scots Hotel, you have the impression of setting foot not only in another country but also in another time dimension as the building was first erected in the 19th century by Dr. David Watt Torrance, with the aim of becoming a hospital.

The Scottish surgeon saw medicine and treating the sick in the Holy Land as his calling and although he worked and lived in Tiberias, it is quite clear that he never forgot his origins or his roots.

Indeed, the jewel was constructed on a hill overlooking the stunning Lake Tiberias, and when watching closely and with a tiny bit of imagination, one may feel a presence in the « loch » which may remind of Nessie, the famous (and surely friendly) monster!

Apart  from the informative history panels, nothing will make you feel that this once used to be a hospital and you might even wish that all the existing and modern medical institutions would look that strikingly beautiful and peaceful.

These are not the only aspects which make the hotel worth it; it is the inimitable sense of comfort and hominess that emanates throughout the property, especially in the fabulously European-style lobby, which was decorated with stylish furniture, colorful pillows, impressive flower bouquets, meaningful statues and beautiful books.

The lobby has another big asset: its super welcoming English barman who treats each customer as a friend and is keen to share interesting points of view on regional habits, do’s and don’ts and the place’s history.

The enormous garden, composed of old impressive trees and their large branches, various flowers and fruits, moves this palace on the magic path to an enchanted dream.

So, you see, even though the hospital turned into a hotel, Dr. David Watt Torrance’s wish was realized as this place is as close as it gets to the Garden of Eden.

This Scottish highland in Israel, where the grass is indeed greener than anywhere else, is a must!

Address: Gdud Barak Street, 14100 Tiberias, Israel
Tel.: +972 4 671 07 10
Click here to visit the Scots Hotel’s website


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  1. Pami Reply

    Je m’installerais avec plaisir dans ce magnifique endroit en attendant la venue du “Monstre”.

  2. Motti Reply

    so dreamy!!! can’t wait to there!!!!

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