Welcome to Lobby and Tea’s summer adventures!

Welcome to Lobby and Tea’s summer adventures!

It was a very exciting summer for me as I traveled around Europe to find the nicest hotel lobbies for you! While wandering and wondering around, I came across some interesting situations which I am keen to sharing with you:

  1. Have you ever packed your suitcases for a month in 6 minutes?

  2. Have you ever booked flight tickets at a company that canceled its scheduled flights… Twice?

  3. Have you heard of the Google Maps Samba Dance? It is the dance every Google Maps user tends to do when trying to figure out what way she/he must take: Four steps forward, two backwards and tuuurn!

  4. Have you ever lost your way while using Google Maps AND a real map?

  5. Have you ever stayed in a hotel with such big bedrooms that you mistook them for a hotel lobby? Well, I entered an open door and found myself staring at a man, who happened to be a guest sitting on the bed in his room, in a wife beater shirt and slippers, staring back at me, the intruder, with a look just as perplexed as mine!

  6. Have you ever stayed in a hotel room which was so small you could touch the cupboard with one hand, the bed with the other, reach the bathroom with your left leg and the toilet with your right leg? The same hotel also happened to fill the tiny shower with a chair, the mini cupboard with a huge hairdryer and a humongous informative book about the city!

  7. Have you ever stayed in a hotel room where you had to climb on a sofa and a table to reach the safety box?

  8. Have you ever visited the restrooms of a world-renowned five star+++ hotel and realized a little too late there was no toilet paper (long live my faithful pack of Kleenex) and that the toilet seat was loosened?

  9. Have you ever seen guests who were sitting at the terrace of a world-renowned five star+++ hotel in Venice although huge grey thunderclouds were threatening the horizon? Were you there as they started screaming at the waiters, while holding a coupe de champagne, when it started to rain because rain is wet and that their expensive Italian shoes got soaked?

  10. Have you ever been to a hotel where the only guests in the lobby were women who were actively looking for potential husbands who were actively being watched by their bodyguards during their actively “businesslike” meetings behind closed doors?

  11. Have you ever visited a hotel whose Maître d’hôtel thought he was classy and trendy, but behaved like an arrogant idiot who took 25 minutes to serve a 7 Euro Cola Zero (chips/peanuts/popcorn not included) which was covered by his 2 meter long Hipster beard?

  12. Have you ever visited the beautiful and colorful city of Burano during an epic rainstorm while wearing a t-shirt, cotton sneakers and jeans? You did? Poor you! But have you ever bought a plastic “I love Venice” red poncho and turquoise plastic boots to try saving your dignity (?) and your curly hair from a frizzing tornado?

  13. Have you ever experienced the most amazing and unforgettable sunset in Florence and couldn’t take a picture of it as you weren’t carrying your camera/Iphone with you?

  14. Did you ever wake up the next morning at 5.45 to make sure you wouldn’t miss the sunrise at 6.44 and discovered there wouldn’t be an amazing and unforgettable sunrise, as the sun decided to play hide and seek behind huge clouds?

  15. Have you ever fallen on your bottom in a puddle of mud at the entrance of the Biennale in front of one million people, and when you got up and finally found the toilets, the loo attendant told you, while sarcastically smiling and looking at your dirty clothes: “Madam, if you want to use the toilet, it’s 1 Euro!”?

  16. Have you ever been to Dubrovnik and heard some tourists asking locals where they could find the actors of Games of Thrones and Star Wars?

  17. Have you ever visited an ex war zone city which made you feel in peace with yourself and with the world and on the other hand, visited a peaceful city which totally freaked you out?

  18. Well, I know I’ve experienced all the above-mentioned situations!

Regardless of all my mishaps, I LOVE traveling because of fun and exciting adventures always show up! I can’t wait to unveil the beautiful lobby gems I found for you these past weeks! Are you ready? I know I am! And I’m very happy and excited to share them with you!

Belgrade, Serbia
Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina
Florence, Italy

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