Welcome to the 15 Parisian ways of making you feel at home away from home!

Welcome to the 15 Parisian ways of making you feel at home away from home!

Paris, city of lights, of love, of aaaaaaaargh, of ooooooooh, of OMG, of WT…!

Paris is one of a kind and can be compared to the mythological hero who carries the same name. Just like him, this city has and will conquer the heart of the most beautiful women in the world who will make it a point to meet on a regular basis with their surprising, unpredictable and stunning lover!

Every day spent with and in that gem is a discovery! Why? Because the city has a passionate, touching and proud history which its inhabitants NEED and LOVE to share! A past which can be found everywhere: in every stone, corner and detail of any park, museum, shop, café, restaurant and hotel!

A centuries old knowhow and etiquette have accompanied these places, essential for the continuation of tradition and customs that drew the unique and distinguished Parisian soul.

But tourists are not Parisian in their mind and heart (yet) and I therefore take the liberty of describing a list of situations that may occur when setting a foot in one of its palazzi:

  1. Entering one of Paris’ dream hotels is like entering a museum: you will be welcomed by a smiling staff who will ask the aim of your visit. No, they are not undercover spy agents. They just don’t want you to freely snoop around and disturb their clients’ privacy.

  2. Remember that the idea of a lobby in Parisian hotels is to sit down, chill, mingle and relax so if you’re in a hurry, this might not be the chosen spot for you.

  3. Parisian service is generally slower but believe me… It’s worth waiting!

  4. Most waiters and waitresses have been to the best hotel schools and are among the most interesting and cultivated people you will meet. When you will leave the hotel, they will know your first name (but will call you by your surname), as well as your family history, dramas, secrets, political views and wishes.

  5. Pay attention to their uniforms which have their own vocabulary and hierarchy.

  6. The Parisian Tea Time is a blissful paradise for your five senses as it will make you feel like a queen and king when tasting all the amazing homemade desserts created by the most famous, talented and amazing pâtissiers! I suggest you spend your money for this unforgettable moment instead of buying another pair of designer socks or key holder!

  7. You’re right, you’re on vacation but when entering a hotel lobby try to swap your wife beater for a shirt or a polo and your fisherman’s shorts for decent pants. Flip Flops should be flipped into your bag and replaced by closed, neat and charming shoes.

  8. The beauty and power of Parisian hotels lies in details so don’t be shocked if most of them have their own way of folding napkins and… toilet paper.

  9. Aaah toilets 1; I always claim that hotel treasures can be found on your way to the toilet. Pay attention to the corridors, walls and decoration. You will be astonished by their particularities and artistic surprises!

  10. Aaah toilets 2; I always claim that they are the reflection of the hotel you are visiting and give a good indication on what to expect from the rest of the place: cleanliness, comfort, space, and the true state (of mind) of the hotel.

  11. Lots of hotels work with huge curtains. If you are the curious type and aren’t afraid of their impressive weight and movements, I suggest you look at what hides behind them… You will be amazed by the view.

  12. Check out the paintings and sculptures that ornate hotels; you might discover some real masterpieces in a discreet corner or next to the elevators.

  13. The word which summarizes Parisian hotel business is “discretion”. Everything is related to this so you are at the wrong address if you expect to see Alexis and Krystel Carrington from Dynasty fight like two drama queens in the middle of a Parisian gem lobby. No worries, Parisians do express their feelings but they tend to be on lower decibels and use more facial expressions. Observe, watch and learn and you will soon understand why the Revolution actually started in France.

  14. Have a good look at the people who share the lobby with you. You might catch the eye of your favorite singer, actor, writer or politician!

  15. Are you disappointed that none of the four mentioned above made a big entry during your Tea Time? No worries! Observe the people around you as the true show takes place here and now in front of your eyes:

    – Zorglub has a compulsive need to steal beautiful hotel glasses, cups and ashtrays which he delicately puts in his innocent wife’s handbag.

    – Dasal has a nasal problem and cannot refrain from picking in his nose.

    – Richnou wants the entire lobby to hear that, although he is not staying in the hotel, he is part of the world of luxury hotels and will give a full account of his last vacations in Davos.

    – Stinger will find 6765 excuses not to pay his bill as the coffee wasn’t hot enough, the patisserie tray made too much noise, and the room temperature was not to his liking.

    – Mythos will pretend to be the friend of the cousin of the grandmother of the hotel manager just to get a discount on the bill.

    – Teaser flirts with the waitresses, the concierge, the hotel manager (but that’s for the discount on his bill), the cleaning ladies, the clients, the chairs, the tables, the walls and many others…

    – Ixx would like someone to pay for the bottle of champagne she just ordered and is currently praying Teaser will not notice her as she has set her eyes on Youngsta who is way sexier (and richer) than Teaser.

    – Result! Youngsta has noticed her but as he moves closer to her, Teaser has caught sight of his prey which he will not leave unattended. He literally jumps from his sofa, conquers the empty chair across Ixx and unpacks all the seduction tricks he has collected from his favorite corny movies.

Would you like to know the end of this episode of the famous series Lobby from the Block? Join one of the beautiful hotels in Paris as visiting a lobby can be an unforgettable (anthropological) experience and broaden your mind towards different cultures and mindsets.

So, what are you waiting for? Book that plane or train ticket and I will be very happy to suggest top Parisian hotel lobbies to you!

Paris by Noëmie Rubinsztejn
Paris by Noëmie Rubinsztejn
Paris by Noëmie Rubinsztejn
Paris by Noëmie Rubinsztejn

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