Contrary to what one may think when looking at the logo of my blog, Lady Theodora is not Laly’s granddaughter. She is her close friend. For some years now.

Their friendship started on a random but rainy Sunday when both had set a rendezvous with a man in the lobby of a stunning and enchanted hotel.

Lady Theodora put a lot of efforts in her looks as she was about to meet with one of the amazingly handsome men she encountered at the latest coming of age balls, organized by the members of her polished society.

Laly, a widow who lost her husband some years ago, promised one of her dear friends to share a cup of tea with a so-called gentleman who apparently might turn her existence upside down.

But neither Lady Theodora’s Prince Charming nor Laly’s potential sweetheart showed up. The official reason: a cold. The unofficial reason: the rain would ruin their haircut and pure camel hair coat!

So, there they were, sitting in this beautiful environment waiting for Godot, sharing the same annoyed and self-controlled face.

Lady Theodora’s self-control was perceivable by all except by Laly as she was sitting at the adjacent table and could hear all the insults which were uttered by the Lady towards the male gender.

Laly quickly understood what the problem was, took her courage into her two beautifully manicured hands, approached the young voracious Lady and asked whether she could join her for a nice cup of tea. And this is when it all started!

They followed the tremendously nice hotel staff’s advice and ordered the biggest, most varied and luxurious « Tea Time » selection on the menu which was composed of: champagne, tea, hot chocolate, coffee, scones, pastries, macaroons, Madeleines, finger sandwiches, petits-fours, canapés, and other fine savories.

It was love at first sight! Not only for all the culinary treasures they revealed, but mainly for the friendly atmosphere which slowly but surely made its way between the two ladies.

The jetsetter discovered that the old woman had lived a more adventurous life than all her friends and that she had magic powers to calm her down and put everything into perspective.

The female Indiana Jones realized that she had finally found the daughter she had always wanted and looked for. A daughter who listened to her, adopted her diamond of a dog called « Diego de la Farmelière », and was a passionate follower of « Days of our Lives »!

They were so different but at the same time they shared mutual respect, loads of love and their birth date, which turned out to be the perfect occasion to seal this special friendship: Lady Theodora offered a beautiful « T » belt to Laly and Laly offered a flashy « L » T-shirt to her friend.

But this was not all: they felt they were eternally indebted to the hotel lobby where their paths had crossed and made a point to always meet in hotel lobbies be it in their city or abroad.

This blog is dedicated to all the friendships which were born in hotel lobbies, to the unconditional love between youngsters and older people and to the passion I have for hotels and their hidden history, celebrities and corners!

If you share the same passion as Laly, Lady Theodora and I, you will feel this blog is a total must!