Admire the dancing windows on the world!

Admire the dancing windows on the world!

Although the Waldorf Astoria opened its doors in 2014, it has become one of the eye-catching hotels of Jerusalem.

This palace is truly beautiful, but not only in the classical sense of the word: it is stunning and impressive because of the print it will leave in your memory.

When entering the palazzo, I was expecting to meet with a design dating just as the building from the Ottoman empire, but instead I was welcomed by new Art Deco gems which surrounded me gracefully and artfully.

The architectural jewels play with your mind and eyes as they offer a rainbow and an incredible mixture of countless elements.

Huge vases with colorful flowers decorate the structure, but when strolling down or up the stairs you will be mesmerized by Jeremy Langford’s beautiful and ornamental Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem piece of art. Exquisite crystal birds accompany your ascent or descent and add tremendously to the entrance of the welcoming and oh so imposing lobby.

A huge spacious lobby which was designed to invite everyone into its luxurious and attractive bubble that cultivates the religion of transparency, and will easily transform you into one of its adepts.

You will be totally fascinated by the beauty of the chandeliers which are usually one of the aspects visitors tend to ignore, as these treasures are generally not given the imperial importance they deserve.

You will want to take the balloon chandeliers and hotel in your own hands and transform this place into John Travolta’s Saturday Night Fever, as the many window frames enable you to admire the building from all its angles, and the open spaces put you in the mood to dance, dance and dance like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers!

This transparent dance floor on the world is a must!


Address: Gershon Agron Street 26-28, 9419008 Jerusalem, Israel
Tel.: +972 2 542 33 33
Click here to visit Waldorf Astoria’s website

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