The August in Antwerp brings North European savoir-faire to a new level!

The August in Antwerp brings North European savoir-faire to a new level!

I love Antwerp because it’s filled with breathtaking magical places. One of its gems is hotel August which recently opened its doors in the trendy Green Quarter (Groen Kwartier) built on a 19th-century former military hospital.

As soon as you set foot in the August, a harmonious vibe takes over and turns the place into the house you always dreamt of owning. You are indeed entering one big magnificent living room, whose only purpose in life seems to be your home away from home.

Coziness is all around; every visible or invisible element was assigned an ideal spot to shine bright like a diamond, adding to the big stunning picture.

Vincent Van Duysen Architects realized an impressive creation through their search of the right balance between past and present, heritage and history, beauty and comfort, and modernity and authenticity. Simplicity, innocence, and purity can be sensed everywhere, although they were combined with mesmerizing design treasures, exclusive furniture, and originality.

One of the (many) cherries on the cake is the lobby in the former nun’s chapel of an Augustinian cloister. If you take a closer look at its design and architecture, you will find some remains of the past which are waving between grandiosity, serenity, glory, and modesty.

While walking around, you are jumping from surprise to surprise, as every entrance leads to a different scenery and atmosphere. The focus in every room lies elsewhere: on a chimney, a standing lamp, a flower bouquet, shining tiles, or a bar.

But this is not all; I fell in love with the staff as I recognized its typical discreet but charming Belgian finesse which I miss so much abroad; that specific way in which Belgians provide only the best in their own modest and agreeable way.

Don’t hesitate to talk to the staff as they are an integral part of this peaceful island in the middle of the city which is an absolute must!

Address: Jules Bordetstraat 5, 2018 Antwerp, Belgium
Tel.: + 32 3 500 80 80
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Conference room
Flower bouquet
Lobby bar

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