Entering the Nolinski in Paris is entering a dream!

Entering the Nolinski in Paris is entering a dream!

Have you seen the Walt Disney movie Enchanted? Are you a fan of Tim Burton’s movies? You are? Search no longer for an amazing hotel in Paris as the Nolinski opened its doors to its magic kingdom just for you!

Beware, the kingdom is like a treasure; it’s discreet and well-hidden so make sure to remember the address correctly as you may pass next to it due to the impressive surrounding buildings and monuments.

Interior designer Jean-Louis Deniot succeeded in achieving what we all long for: a stunning refuge to retreat from the routine of our lives. Indeed, the premises will carry you away to a colorful, imaginary and exciting universe.

When setting foot in the hotel you will soon understand that this is not a regular place as the daring colors and forms that welcome you are preparing your unforgettable adventurous travel in time and space.

The adventure starts when meeting the place’s sweet staff who will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and at ease while uncovering the true meaning of French savoir-faire. They will discreetly open their lobby for you where everything was set to enable guests to greet, meet and befriend.

The room is composed of warm green and blue tints which can be found on the sofas, the wallpaper, and even on the piano, giving it a trendy, attractive and original aspect, which can be sensed throughout the hotel. The shrubs which ornate the hall will certainly remind you of voluptuous and never-ending European forests, parks and gardens.

And then you will reach the cherry on the cake, the plat de résistance, the absolute masterpiece: the staircase.

The more you climb its steps the more you feel you’re entering a painting. All the photographs I shot from this stairway to heaven look like drawings. The painted clouded walls seem to overpower reality and turn doors, carpets, staff, chandeliers into living and flying pictures, just waiting to shine bright like diamonds.

The way Jean-Louis Deniot plays with our feelings and imagination through an optic illusion which balances between modernity and classicism, Art Deco and Rococo, nature and urbanization, light and darkness, is beyond words!

The designer is courageous in his choices and teaches us an important lesson: that opposites have the power to create unknown surprises leading to the most unexpected and beautiful fireworks.

This breathtaking Tim Burton-like fairy tale of princes and princesses is an absolute must!

Address: 16, avenue de l’Opéra, 75001 Paris, France
Tel.: +33 1 42 86 10 10
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