Haec Otia will show you the true meaning of… Haec Otia!

Haec Otia will show you the true meaning of… Haec Otia!

When I discovered this stunning Art Deco hotel built in 1926 by French architect Arsène Bical, I kept on wondering why it was called Haec Otia. The answer revealed itself as soon as I set foot on the premises!

Indeed, everything is built in the line of haec otia (this leisure in Latin). A haven of peace is discreetly and slowly but surely building up, leading to undeniable beauty which is to be found in every corner of every room of every hall. Indeed, as soon as you pass the beautiful entrance leading to the mesmerizing gardens of the place, you know you will undergo Haec Otia’s magic and healing spell.

It is magical as the owners of the place made a point to prove that discreet elements combined with daring colors and art pieces can lead to perfection as can pale walls mixed with the turquoise color of a swimming pool.

The lobby, for instance, is the living room we all dream of. You know, the lounge we love admiring in interior design catalogues, but then with a twist. An addition which makes it homier but nevertheless elegant, discrete but flashier.

How did they achieve this? was the question that kept on popping in my head. How did they succeed in finding the balance needed for interior design perfection? I feel it was thanks to their openness to other cultures and unknown artforms which can be admired everywhere, but also their ability to hang on to the past through modernity.

Indeed, the black and white photographs which decorate the walls of the lobby, are timeless and could undoubtedly be used in today’s fashion magazines and on social media. The impressive old trees are surrounded by modern artworks and furniture, adding to the garden’s glamorous simplicity.

Walking through Haec Otia is pure and true bliss because it offers the silence you were looking for, but also gives you tools and opportunities to create stories, and unforgettable moments and memories.

This excellent toolbox and mixture of complete opposites is an absolute must!

Address: Avenue Louis Aboudaram, 62520 Le Touquet-Paris-Plage, France
Tel.: +33 3 21 06 46 62
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    Un havre de tranquillité et de beauté.

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