Beresheet Hotel, the never-ending story where it all started!

Beresheet Hotel, the never-ending story where it all started!

Entering Beresheet Hotel is like diving into a fairy tale where nature has a leading part in transforming your visit into an unforgettable experience.

Overlooking the Ramon Crater, world’s largest erosion crater, the hotel seems to have been built as a continuation of this amazing and impressive geological feature, as the materials which were used all have a connection with the surroundings.

I loved how I got carried away by the place’s atmosphere as everything around me was pushing me to reconnect with the most fundamental elements of this universe such as water, fire, air, earth and wood.

It is as if Feigin architects and the interior designers at ARA Design London decided it was time to return to our primary elements and fully enjoy what they have to offer… And the result is absolutely fabulous!

Although you are in the Negev Desert, you feel that this palace could have stood in almost every natural environment as it is so luxuriously passe-partout!

When discovering the outdoor swimming pool, I had the impression a Fata Morgana was appearing in front of my eyes and as soon as I got used to its vision, I felt it had been administered the most suitable spot. Its blue color seemed to reflect the breathtaking and endless blue sky of eternity.

The architects and designers succeeded in underlining the importance of the surrounding landscape and did their utmost to bring it closer to the visitors, who can either sit in the interior or exterior lobby, which both provide a spectacular view of the crater.

The fireplace in the interior lobby reminded me of the Swiss chalets we used to run into, to warm up after a long, cold, exhausting but exhilarating day on the ski slopes. Simultaneously, the cacti which popped up in every corner of every room, reminded me that I was in the middle of the desert and that no matter how much technology is trying to take over nature, the latter will always find a way to get around it and prove its supremacy.

The exterior lobby emphasizes this and takes its guests on an unexpected and relaxing adventure which very quickly carries them to Lalaland and/or Dreamland.

They might lose the notion of time and even fall into a deep sleep as the only noise they may hear are eagles, falcons or other impressive animals. I got woken up by the steps of a beautiful ram which was carefully examining my movements when I emerged from my beauty sleep!

As many say, you don’t know what you’re missing out until you tried it out. The chairs are so comfortable that you will wish to remain for good on the terrace which will leave a lasting mark on your memory; the relaxing feeling of these short moments of total bliss and liberty are worth everything and will make you want to ask for more!

Visit the Negev and dare immersing yourself in its beauty and infinite freedom! I promise your opinion on deserts will change forever as it is a place which tends to help put everything into proportion and make you realize that although life can be unjust, hard and confusing, there is always a way out, a path to new beginnings.

I know that this calming palazzo in a chaotic world will help you achieve this and will make you realize that Hotel Beresheet is an absolute must!

Address: Derech Berecheet 1, 80600 Mitzpe Ramon, Israel
+972 8 659 80 00
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