Hotel Esprit Saint-Germain will show you the spirit of a home away from home in Paris!

Hotel Esprit Saint-Germain will show you the spirit of a home away from home in Paris!

I fell in love with the city of lights at a young age, and the lovely Saint-Germain-des-Prés area in Paris holds a very special place in my heart; although I lived there for some weeks, it is a neighborhood which always succeeds to surprise me and uncover its mysterious gems while walking among its treasures.

It is during one of my long walks that I discovered Hôtel Esprit Saint-Germain which astonished me because of its original concept and touched me thanks to its impressive staff.

The place’s concept is quite simple but not always easy to achieve for many hotels: to make you feel at home away from home in the complete sense of the term. This little palazzo has accomplished its mission as you do not only become its guest but also its resident as everything which your eyes meet, becomes yours during the entire period of your stay.

The sensation is amazing! To be a tourist during the day and come back to a hotel which is as comfortable and heartwarming as your own house! You can really feel the relaxing and intimate vibe we all long for after a full day of city tripping and discoveries!

The entrance is divided into three parts: the reception and two (!) lobbies, which surprised me by the difference in their composition, taste, allure and atmosphere as one of them reminded me of a cozy living room and the other one of a posh but welcoming café.

The living room, which appears in front of your eyes literally invites you into its intimacy and wouldn’t mind it for you to sit on one of its Art Deco sofas, all wrapped up in a beautiful and matching blanket, with a book in one hand and a hot cup of tea or a glass of wine in the other.

This moment of pure bliss would be shared with friends and beloved ones as this is the spot where you would most likely start a private conversation while enjoying the breathtaking fireplace.

At one point you would get up and admire every corner of this lobby as it is filled with colorful and tasteful paintings, beautiful sculptures, floor lamps, flowers and details which are needed to make you feel comfortable enough to touch everything and feel you have found your secure haven in Paris.

The café, at the other end of the corridor is more daring as its interior designer, Didier Benderli, combined all kind of elements which, at first sight, do not seem to suit the panther printed rugs that fill the room. But this lobby teaches us not to set for first impressions and pushes to immerse ourselves in the unknown and unconventional world of top and trendy interior design.

The mixture of panther prints with the classic library, chandeliers, sofas and bar is magnificent as it is awakening various sensations which go from true astonishment to the unappeasable curiosity of discovering the final result of the design.

The room is darker than its colleague, but it is exactly for that reason that the grace, glamour and charm of the furniture and libraries can be underlined and show off their unusual and distinguished beauty.

Amidst these two completely different universes lies the reception to which I like to refer to as the island; although the hotel is set to give you complete freedom, its staff is discreetly but efficiently present for you and will do its utmost to make your visit an unforgettable experience.

I can safely say that the staff I met in this gem are one of a kind and are among the nicest and sweetest people I met in the hotel universe! Their smiles, knowledge, classy style, discretion, willingness to show me around and the time they took to make sure everything would be to my liking was unbelievable!

Finding a jewel where privacy, love and care are the most important aspects in a world which is slowly but surely becoming impersonal, cold and indifferent, is a true asset and deserves to shine bright like one of the diamonds of Parisian Royalty!

This cozy and peaceful island in the chaos of a breathtaking city is an absolute must!

Address: 22, Rue Saint Sulpice, 75006 Paris, France
Tel.: +33 1 53 10 55 55
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  1. Pami Reply

    Très bel endroit qui respire la classe, le calme et la sérénité. Nous ne manquerons d’y passer lors d’un prochain séjour à Paris.

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