Meet a blooming Lily in Tel Aviv!

Meet a blooming Lily in Tel Aviv!

I always end up in Hotel Lily & Bloom whenever I need a quiet lobby to chill in the middle of Tel Aviv.

I love it as when you order something to drink or to eat, it is served to you with a lovely smile and in whole simplicity since the staff understands quickly whether you are up to small talk or not.

But that’s not all; the cozy name of the place makes you feel you are about to visit your dear aunty Lily and her Mr. Bloom.

Just as in your favorite aunt’s house, you will find amazing ornaments, beautiful souvenirs and stunning furniture which make this gem so special and comfortable.

At the same time, it will be filled with modern tools as your aunt is a cool woman who might even have turned into a role model to you.

This little heaven in town, which was constructed in the middle of the thirties, was refurbished in such a way that you are tempted to say it is eighty years young and going strong!

If you look carefully you will notice that the house used to be a bank many years ago. Some hints of its past can still be noticed, especially in the way it was build.

I can imagine the large entrance leading to the bar which probably used to be the cashier’s area, the conference room at the first floor along with its offices, nowadays reconverted into stunning and welcoming bedrooms.

The hotel may be regarded as a reflection on Tel Aviv, as the place is a blend of the many identical elements which make the city so special, charming and different.

This magnificent mixture of old and new, past and future, and colors is a must!

Address: Lilienblum Street 48, 6513455 Tel Aviv, Israel
Tel.: +972 72 248 48 48
Click here to visit Hotel Lily & Bloom’s website


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  1. Aliza Shultzer Reply

    Ce blog est une vraie pépite! Tellement bien écrit ! J’ adore! Merci et à très bientôt dans un des trésors que tu nous fais si joliment découvrir.

    • lobbyandtea Reply

      Mille mercis pour ton beau message! J’espère pouvoir t’offrir pleins de beaux textes et de belles photos sur ces endroits magiques que j’aime tant! Bisous!

  2. Michael Grosz Reply

    Noemie Rubinsztejn, you rock girl! 🙂 Super blog! J’habite à Tel Aviv depuis 12 ans et je n’avais entendu parler du Lily & Bloom. Quand est-ce qu’on y prend un verre, Noike?

  3. Suzy Szmulewicz Reply

    Un très grand plaisir de lire ton blog, je me sens transporté dans un de ces beaux hôtels buvant un café avec de petits gâteaux .
    Tu as le don d’écriture,bravo chère Noemie.j’attends avec impatience la suite.Bisous!!!

    • lobbyandtea Reply

      Coucou Suzy! Mille mercis pour ton super gentil message! Cela me touche énormément et j’ai hâte de te faire découvrir la suite de mes aventures! Merci pour tes mots encourageants! Gros bisous!

  4. Suzy Szmulewicz Reply

    Un très grand plaisir de lire ton blog.
    Je me sens transporté dans l’un de ces beaux hôtel buvant le café avec des petits gâteaux.
    Tu as le don de l’écriture chère Noemie et j’attends la suite avec impatience .Bisous!!!

  5. Lani Reply

    Noemie I just love your blog!! Great insight into some of the nicest hotels- great photographs as well!! Pleasure to read- keep up the great work!! 🙂

  6. Fay Reply

    Tea 4 2?
    If we don’t manage to meet in this lobby, then hopefully we’ll catch up in another of your cosy corners… good luck

  7. Marianne Reply

    Chère Noémie, je viens de parcourir ton blog avec beaucoup de plaisir: un réel talent d’écriture et de très belles illustrations, c’est un très joli voyage que tu nous proposes!

  8. Vicky Schonberg Reply

    I believe that after your post the Hotel will close its doors to non guests!! Why such a crowd all a sudden! Continu to surprise us with more stories.

  9. Lior schor Reply

    Your blog is a little treasure of information and style.enjoyed learning about the beautiful hotels and lobbies.your writing and the photos are very elegant and interesting.I will definitely visit the ‘Lily and bloom’ hotel this weekend.can’t wait to read more!!!🥂Thank you!

    • lobbyandtea Reply

      Woooow! Thanks sooo much for your message! I am very curious to hear your opinion about the Lily & Bloom hotel! I hope you will like it as much as I do! Neshikooot

  10. Naomi Reply

    Dear Noomi,
    I love your blog! you write in such a beautiful way, it makes one want to read more and more! and the pictures make you want to pack a little bag and go and sit in the lobby!
    keep up the great work, I’m following…!!!❤

    • lobbyandtea Reply

      Thanks sooo much for your message! It truly touches my heart! Keep following my blog as I have many nice and beautiful treasures to show! In the meantime… enjoy your tea at the Lily & Bloom!!!

  11. Daphna Reply

    Très joli blog Noemie! Kol hakavod et continue à t’inspirer!!

  12. Jennifer Khafi Reply

    Always great to find hidden pearls in your own city!! It is described so gracefully that all I need to do next is get up and go see for myself!! Wanna join me for tea?

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