9 must-see hotels which will turn your summer into a party!

9 must-see hotels which will turn your summer into a party!

Summer is discreetly but certainly knocking at your door and I’m sure you’re looking for that hotel which will offer you a moment of pure bliss. I compiled a list of hotels which will put an enormous and satisfied smile on your face and will make you want to scream: Vive les vacances ! Aah, that’s what I call il dolce farniente! Ready? Here we go!

  1. Allure Caramel Hotel by Karisma in Belgrade, Serbia, carries its name marvelously well since its charming and sweet allure will make you want to choose this jewel as your home away from home. Belgrade is a gem of a town in the Balkans which deserves much more praise and recognition than it has been receiving till now. It surprised me by its overwhelming beauty but also by all the hidden corners which it is impatiently waiting to uncover to its visitors.

  2. Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, will offer you, just as the surrounding museums do, an unfailing sense of creativity, glamour, inspiration, know-how, and imagination. This diamond is such a cozy and inviting space that you will quickly feel the need to invite your close friends to join you for some quality time in this unique and original atmosphere.

  3. Four Seasons Hotel Firenze in Florence, Italy, immediately carries you into the irresistible universe of the Renaissance and your senses experience a sort of rebirth as they all come harmoniously to life when setting foot in this almost unrealistic beauty. Just as during that exciting historical period, the hotel understood the importance of creating a space where people meet, exchange ideas and change the world; impressive premises where new relationships, friendships, and affairs are established and lead to unforgettable adventures.

  4. Hotel Dukes’ Palace in Bruges, Belgium, owns a striking terrace and a 3.000-square meter garden where you will be invited to enjoy the ultra-shy Belgian sunshine which appears when least expected. Contemporary sculptures ornament this peaceful paradise, where the grass is indeed greener than in most gardens. It will be hard for you to leave this stunning palace which offers the possibility to dream away, fall in love, dance with/like the stars and catch a different side of Bruges’ heritage! This time machine into history is an absolute must!

  5. Hotel Excelsior Dubrovnik in Dubrovnik, Croatia, invites holidays into their guests’ lounge by using huge windows on the Adriatic Sea, on the old town of Dubrovnik and on the world. It enables to escape, at any given moment, your everyday life and appreciate the calming and captivating powers of history and an endless magnificent blue horizon.

  6. Hotel Michèle in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, has made a point of mixing modernism with its legacy, city and country. It is very much looking forward to giving its visitors the impression of entering the living room of a Sarajevo family where you are more than welcome to closely look at family pictures, smell the dishes that are lovingly prepared in the adjacent kitchen, and read the books that are carefully displayed for you.

  7. Pera Palace Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey, was built in 1892 to host the passengers of the Orient Express and has always been ahead of its time as it was the first building to be powered by electricity, provide hot running water and was home to the first electric elevator in Istanbul. Visiting this palazzo turned out to be quite an adventure because every discovery was pushing me towards a historical, architectural and stylish tunnel filled with various original lights and stars that were shining bright like the novelty and authenticity they were representing.

  8. Prince de Galles in Paris, France, will show you how it felt to live in the late Twenties and Thirties Art Deco period in Paris. It’s so logical they called their lounge Les Heures as I would have loved to stay there for hours and hours and observe what was going on around me. Sitting there stressed what I already knew: that to get to know Paris and its actors, one should always discover its hotels, especially in the summer months when the only people you will come across are the city’s inhabitants.

  9. The American Colony Hotel in Jerusalem, Israel, or Tuscany in Jerusalem is a true haven of peace with a breathtaking garden which will disconnect from your routine and/or hectic life. Although the walls of the building have lived many lives and seen so many historical events take place in front of their marvelous stature, all paths, staircases and even the swimming pool will guide you to the secret treasure of this place: serenity.

I can’t wait for you to unveil these breathtaking places and I look forward to reading your comments on them! Please feel free to suggest any other must-see hotels you came across as I am keen to discover all of them!

Allure Caramel Hotel, Belgrade
American Colony, Jerusalem
Conservatorium Hotel, Amsterdam
Hotel Dukes' Palace, Bruges
Hotel Excelsior, Dubrovnik
Four Seasons Hotel Firenze
Hotel Michèle, Sarajevo
Pera Palace, Istanbul

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