Discover an enchanted Tuscany garden in the middle of Jerusalem!

Discover an enchanted Tuscany garden in the middle of Jerusalem!

When we entered The American Colony my friend’s first reaction was: Oh, look at this place! I feel I’m in Tuscany!… And I must admit she was right! Believe it or not but Jerusalem owns a little corner of Tuscany right in its heart!

You will be overwhelmed by all the abundance emanating from each tree and from the profusion and variations of flowers that pop up from everywhere!

There is no end to it and you truly feel that nature has peacefully and discreetly conquered this place as every architectural element and structure ornamenting this palace seems to have entered a passionate dance with this unruly environment.

Once you leave the subtly organized chaos of the garden where you are kindly invited to chill and order something to drink and/or eat, you will realize that everything in this hotel was set up to disconnect from your daily routine and/or hectic life.

Although the walls of the building have lived many lives and seen so many historical events take place in front of their stunning stature, all paths, staircases and even the swimming pool will guide you to the hidden treasure of this place: serenity.

Just as the Spafford family, who lived in the premises which had belonged to a pasha and his four wives, you won’t be disappointed as it will smoothly create a feeling of well-being and peace, which you might have (unconsciously) needed for some time.

The myriad of these emotions, the labyrinth of personalities which have set foot in this place, the smiling and helpful staff, and the unstoppable beauty will make it hard for you to leave.

If you are lucky as we were, you might bump into the true sculptor of the palazzo: its gardener. When looking at him, his magical hands, undeniable taste for nature, and unquestionable dedication for his passion, you will understand why this true haven of milk, honey and perfection is a must!

Address: Louis Vincent Street 1, Jerusalem, Israel
Tel.: +972 2 627 97 77
Click here to visit the American Colony’s website


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  1. Pami Reply

    Très bel endroit pour profiter d’un bon bouquin ou d’un repos bien mérité.

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