Get lost in Antwerp and ask for more!

Get lost in Antwerp and ask for more!

When arriving at De Witte Lelie (The White Lily in Flemish) you are convinced you will enter a late gothic architectural interior as the hotel was built about 400 years ago.

But once passed the main entrance, you are facing one of the most original and daring architectural gems of Antwerp.

Every room on the ground floor is spacious, strikingly beautiful and has meaningful messages to share with its visitors.

One room tells that it is of utmost importance to make guests feel at home away from home by enveloping them with pleasant and floral wall paintings, colorful curtains, comfortable sofas and sophisticated furniture.

The adjacent room underlines the significance of being surrounded by loved ones while enjoying the warm cosiness of a fireplace and its mesmerizing flames’ dance during the typical cold and wet winter days in Antwerp.

The next room proudly shows off the old-fashioned beauty of a kitchen, offering a mouthwatering breakfast before an enchanting cultural and shopping expedition to Antwerp’s unknown and charming treasures.

The garden reveals the immense value of a green and relaxing environment needed to take a step back from Belgian organized chaos and life’s reality.

The lobby might make it difficult to leave as you will be stunned by all the little details that will catch your attention, and more importantly, all the contrasts that play an impressive and ongoing battle to seduce you.

Above all this, you will be attended by the staff which are as trendy and welcoming as the elegance and originality of the place.

Sooo… Close your eyes, take a deep breath, chill and give way to the symbolism of De Witte Lelie: passion, drive, beauty, renewal and rebirth, which make this jewel an absolute must!


Address: Keizerstraat 16, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium
Tel.: +32 3 226 19 66
Click here to visit the Witte Lelie’s website


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  1. Pami Reply

    Situé dans le quartier universitaire, cet hôtel a été plus qu’ une agréable surprise. Nous fûmes gentiment accueillies. Le thé fut joliment servi devant un feu de bois allumé spécialement pour nous. Que du bonheur.

  2. suzy Reply

    merci, chère Noémie,pour nous faire découvrir ces beaux endroits!

  3. Rina Barbut Reply

    Closed my eyes as you wrote and i dreamed the beautiful place you described.
    Now i open my eyes and want to be there…
    In the room that makes me feel home…
    Beautiful picture, beautiful writing

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