Why, how and what, makes the world go round!

Why, how and what, makes the world go round!

As many of you may know, when you own a blog like mine which consists of visiting lobbies in various and different countries, you are bound to fly a lot to discover that one specific gem which will astonish and surprise your readers.

Flying is an adventurous undertaking as you know what your destination is, but you never know what will happen during your flight and/or upon arrival. That is why I have decided to write down some questions which usually remain unanswered but accompany me throughout every flight:

  1. Why do I have to show my boarding ticket at three different places where no one actually cares (at the passport control, the hand luggage control and at the plane entrance)?

  2. How come I always feel the need to buy something I really don’t need at the Duty Free?

  3. How come I never realize the price is the same at home and that I will now have to schlep this breakable glass perfume bottle with me?

  4. How come people are so nervous to get a seat in the plane if theirs is already booked?

  5. How come there are always people who carry more hand luggage than 15 camels when boarding the plane? And more importantly, where do they hide them before and during the flight?

  6. How come I always find what used to be my jacket totally crushed under the 15 bags or hidden in one of the corners of the overhead compartment? Did it get there thanks to the overload of respect of my neighbor or did my jacket just ran off when seeing what was bound to happen?

  7. How come there is always one passenger who knows half of the plane and has an urgent need to show this around?

  8. Why do some people feel the need to keep their phones on to get an SMS from every Telecom company of the country that the plane flew over?

  9. Why are some skinny men taking the place of three Sumo fighters next to (and on) me?

  10. Why do people who urgently need to attend the toilets 7575 times a minute choose a window seat?

  11. How come I always sit next to passengers who have heavy and overqualified flatulence problems?

  12. Why do so many passengers love to drink tomato juice on the plane?

  13. How come my neighbor always eats a sandwich composed of garlic/onion/tuna/sardine and feels the need to keep me company with a non-stop psychology/philosophy/political session?

  14. How come there are 150 passengers in a flight and 35 covers and 22 pillows? Are we supposed to share them? Is this some kind of team building event?

  15. How come I never choose the book that will be a masterpiece and keep me company during the whole flight?

  16. How come I never remember what was the most comfortable sitting position from one flight to the other?

  17. What is the secret of passengers that put on their hoodie, turn on their music, close their eyes, fall asleep during takeoff and wake up at landing, looking all awake and fresh?

  18. How come I can never fall asleep during flights?

  19. How come that when I finally do:

  20. My (unknown) neighbor remembers he/she needs to tell me this amazing anecdote.

  21. My neighbor remembers he/she needs to run to the toilets for the 7576th time? 

  22. Breakfast/lunch/dinner is served.

  23. The stewardess wakes me up with a stupid question.

  24. The pilot apologizes for turbulences.

  25. The pilot announces we’re about to land.

  26. How come I always get nervous thinking I am becoming deaf because of this one earphone that doesn’t work properly?

  27. Why am I always sitting at the row where it is either too dark or too light to watch the movie?

  28. How come the movie they are showing is the thriller I watched about a week ago?

  29. How come I always forget that the sound of the movie is the best sleeping pill ever?

  30. How come I keep on photographing the stunning clouds scenery when this was done during my last flight too?

  31. And last but not least: How come that, after all these years, I am still flabbergasted at the beautiful invention of planes?

Because believe it or not… I LOVE traveling and flying remains one of the most fun and exciting adventures! I can’t wait to share the beautiful lobby gems I found for you these last weeks! Are you ready? I know I am! And I’m very happy and excited to share them with you!

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  1. Rina Reply

    Fun reading!! Cant wait to read your beautiful lobby gems from your trip 😉

  2. Pami Reply

    Tout le monde a connu un jour les situations que tu décris avec ta dose d’humour habituelle.

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