The W in Istanbul will keep you puzzled… and you will love it!

The W in Istanbul will keep you puzzled… and you will love it!

I love Istanbul as it is a mythic, mystic and magic city which will quickly turn into a puzzle whose pieces will slowly but surely be uncovered to you. This is also the case of the W Istanbul, designed by Mahmut Anlar from Geomim.

Indeed, puzzle parts can be found all over the premises, be it in form of tables, lamps, or on the wall… And you will like it because it will remind you of the childhood games you used to play, but moreover, it will emphasize that your personality and existence are shaped thanks to the various pieces you pick up from every chapter of your life.

Before even entering the palazzo’s public spaces, a shining and glittering tunnel composed of a show of shadows and lights, illuminated by light artist Thierry Dreyfus, will prepare, surround and accompany you to the perfect harmony emanating from the stunning and original lobby, which balances between modernity and history.

The latter is divided into three sections which lead to a harmonious whole in a person’s social life.

The first section, which I tend to call the Me, myself and I in domed ancient mosque appearances, is set in a way which will enable you to isolate yourself from your surroundings for as much time you will need to recuperate from Istanbul’s sensational and exhilarating adventures.

Let’s mix, mingle and match, the lobby’s second part, will offer you the possibility, thanks to the setting of its tables, to dive into fun and interesting conversations with fellow visitors… which you will maybe continue in a more intimate atmosphere in the adjacent bar.

The Golden Legged Bar, as I like to refer to, will carry you to a universe of dancing, cozy chats, and delicious cocktails. The staff, especially the barmen, are extremely nice, smiley and will make sure to transform your evening into an unforgettable stroll into their kingdom.

You will immediately understand why bartenders built such a strong network of groupies throughout the years. They seem to know, just by looking at you what is the cocktail which will best suit your personality… and they won’t be wrong!

I admit, this kind of magic left me puzzled… and as I told you at the beginning of this article, I loved that feeling!

I enjoyed it because W hotels made a point to jump into a daring innovative renovation while remaining faithful to Istanbul’s centuries-old mesmerizing architecture and respecting its shapes, arches, and colors.

The mixture of hanging lamps, typical Ottoman windows, wooden floors, green and purple ceilings, yellows sofas, golden bar legs, and domed forms will create an exciting, unexpected and unique sight which will soon turn into a party for the eyes.

Believe me, this puzzled hotel, which is inviting you to look for its pieces, is an absolute must!


Address: Vişnezade Mahallesi, Süleyman Seba Cd. D:No 22, 34357 Akaretler/İstanbul, Turkey
Tel.: +90 212 381 21 21
Click here to visit W Istanbul’s website


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  1. Pami Reply

    Une fois de plus la magie de tes mots nous emportent en voyage et à la découverte d’endroits magiques.

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